Elena Volodchenko

Role: Clinician

Education: Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming; Certificate in Hypno-Psychotherapy

Professional Memberships and Registrations: Member of Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association

Elena Volodchenko is a certified Hypno-Psychotherapist with a focus on evidence based Integrated Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, a method that utilises therapeutic hypnosis (trance work) with a range of methods that allow fast and effective relief for a broad range of conditions. She is also Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapist.

Elena works with clinical psychologists and life coaches to provide her clients with an insight into, and an integration of, their conscious and subconscious mind to help clients find the enlightenment and understanding of their inner motives, resolve inner conflicts, and release emotional pain. Furthermore she provides safe and effective space to gain insight into individual personality traits, discover and develop qualities and rehearse new behaviours while in trance. This allows individuals develop healthier habits and social skills in safe and supportive atmosphere, leaving them empowered and skilled to live better lives.

Elena’s specialty is varied from treating depression and anxiety, phobias and past trauma to self- development and intrinsic motivation for career, weight management and habits control. As a young mother of two, a particular interest is empowering women to use self-hypnosis for birth.