MyLocalMind Inc. Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops for Organisations

Our organisation is nuanced in our service delivery and offer a collective knowledge base across diverse professional training, experience, and expertise. It is by drawing on this knowledge base that we have the capacity to develop and deliver events, workshops, seminars, or recorded content to meet your organisation’s needs. In addition to the advantages of seeking services from an organisation with a range of clinical and non-clinical professionals and individuals with lived experience that have considerable expertise in all areas of mental health, engaging MyLocalMind Inc. services for your organisation directly contributes to the mental health and wellbeing of the local community. All profits from delivering fee-for-service training are used to sustain our community education, seminars, activities, and events, so while you are supporting your direct employees, we are supporting the broader communities in which they live.


Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing (1.5-hour session for all employees)

This session provides general mental health psychoeducation with a focus on wellbeing and the most common mental health conditions impacting our workplaces (depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide). In addition to this, we cover signs of burnout, how to manage same, and important strategies for self-care. How and when to access available community-based professional support is also covered. This content was developed based on decades of working in the mental health field across a range of age groups and settings.

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Leaders (3-hour session for all employees in management or leadership roles).

This session expands on the basics covered above with additional information to educate managerial employees on how to recognise potential issues in the workplace and how best to support employees while they may be experiencing issues maintaining their mental health and wellness. This content was developed based on decades of working in the mental health field across a range of age groups and settings in conjunction with a Human Resources / Investor Relations specialist with significant experience successfully navigating complex industrial relations matters relating to mental health.


Advanced Topics in Mental Health and Wellbeing (1-hour sessions for all employees)

This content is evidenced to be effective in reducing levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and overall psychological distress; the implications of which are obvious in a workplace setting – reduced unplanned absenteeism, positive employee retention, and high levels of discretionary employee effort as a result of feeling more supported and understood in the workplace:

  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Mindfulness
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing relationships
  • Problem solving and goal setting


In addition to the introduction to mental health and wellbeing, these advanced topics have been developed based on decades of working in the mental health field across a range of age groups and settings. Each of these elements has been identified as core to the development of skills required by every individual to adequately cope with general life stressors.


Tailored Training

Where an area of concern has been specifically identified, for example: clusters of bullying and harassment complaints, high levels of long-term illness, injury, or significant shifts towards increased unplanned absenteeism, we can develop tailored mental health and wellness training to address each area.


MyLocalMind Inc. are flexible and nuanced in our approach so we are open to working with you to identify and develop any service to meet the needs of your business to ensure that you are providing the most mentally healthy workplace possible.


Delivery Recommendations

These sessions are best delivered to less than 20 people, as it is more effective in a workshop format that encourages discussion and shared experience, which fosters learning, skills development, resilience, and personal growth.


Delivery Mode

Face-to-face is definitely the recommended mode of delivery as it encourages discussion and also positively impacts the reduction of stigma around mental health concerns through engaging in a shared learning experience. However, each can potentially be delivered as a seminar to a larger group if needed. We are also able to deliver via Skype or pre-record any of the above sessions for dissemination to a broader network of employees.



1-hour sessions are available for $750;

1.5 hour sessions are available for $1,000;

3-hour sessions are available for $3,000;

For longer sessions, sessions with larger groups, or multi-session packages please contact us via and request a quote to meet your needs.