MyLocalMind Inc. Group Fitness

MyLocalMind Inc. Group Fitness

MyLocalMind Inc. Group Fitness offers a different approach to Personal Training. Our alternative philosophical perspective puts the emphasis on function of the body over form with an added focus on wellbeing. Functional fitness means your body is able to perform at its optimum capacity by emphasising movement, balance, and flexibility. FremantleMind Inc. Group Fitness sessions are here to help you benefit from the therapeutic power of exercise.


FremantleMind Inc. Group Fitness sessions are:

–              Low intensity;

–              Low impact;

–              Circuit training;

–              Light weights.


We offer more than an exercise program. You will commence a journey into understanding yourself from both a physiological and psychological viewpoint. Whether you’re seeking to re-establish the habit of exercise or to manage an ongoing health issue we have the capacity to accommodate and support you to achieve your goals.


What is the evidence?

At MyLocalMind Inc. and FremantleMind Inc. we only provide services that are evidence-based. The evidence concerning mental health effects of exercise is extensive and is still growing. The evidence has linked increased physical activity with improved self-esteem, reduced depressive symptoms, reduced risk of cognitive decline, and reduced alcohol and other drug dependence.


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