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Nicole Gale-Harry | June 30, 2018

As a mental health professional, one of the common barriers to change that I have seen — in both my professional life and my own life experiences – is fear…

Mindfulness keeps away the sufferings.

Mindfulness in Mind

Clinton Little | June 4, 2018

I would be the first admit that I was sceptical in the extreme about the benefits of practicing mindfulness. The idea that the act of paying attention to each individual part of the body and focussing on the simple act of breathing could reap mental and physical health benefits seemed a little too good to be true…

Changing negative thinking

Changing Negative Thinking

Elena Volodchenko | May 7, 2018

If your mind was like clear sky and your thoughts were clouds, with positive thoughts being like fluffy little white clouds, and negative thoughts being really heavy dark slow moving clouds; which ones would you prefer? …

What is Mental Health?

Kaine Grigg | April 9, 2018

Mental health and mental illness can be thought of as two ends of a broad spectrum. At one end, mental health is a state of emotional and social wellbeing in which an individual realises his or her own abilities while coping with the normal stresses of life…

Self Care: Is there more to it than bubble baths, scented candles and trips to the Maldives?

Samantha Dhu | March 2, 2018

Self-care: it’s a word that’s ‘buzzing’ around a lot at the moment. It’s actually kind of amazing how popular the idea of self-care has become. In the land of Instagram the hashtag self-care has over 4’000’000 posts…

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Suicide: We Need To Do More

Kaine Grigg | February 5, 2018

Every 40 seconds around the world a person dies by suicide. Over 800,000 people die by suicide every year and there are many more who attempt suicide. For all ages, suicide is one of the leading causes of death in Australia…