Our organisation is nuanced in our service delivery and offer a collective knowledge base across diverse professional training, experience, and expertise. It is by drawing on this knowledge base that we have the capacity to develop and deliver events, workshops, seminars, or recorded content to meet the needs of your organisation’s consumers. In addition to the advantages of seeking services from an organisation with a range of clinical and non-clinical professionals and individuals with lived experience that have considerable expertise in all areas of mental health, engaging MyLocalMind Inc. services for your organisation’s consumers directly contributes to the mental health and wellbeing of the local community. All profits from delivering fee-for-service training are used to sustain our community education, seminars, activities, and events, so while you are supporting your direct consumers, we are supporting the broader communities in which they live.

The MyLocalMind Inc. team are available to support the needs of your community members and consumer base. If you have identified an area of clinical or non-clinical need within your community that you are not able to fulfil amongst your existence staffing complement, we can deliver any of our services direct to your organisation’s consumers. We offer each of:

Creative Expression
Group Fitness

Is your community in need of a new or different mental health or wellbeing service? Get in touch and MyLocalMind Inc. can develop and deliver an event to meet your needs.


Single sessions for less than 12 people (six people for Group Fitness) are available for $500. For longer sessions, sessions with larger groups, or multi-session packages, please contact us via and request a quote to meet your needs.