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Wednesdays 5 pm – 6 pm

Use of artistic mediums to enrich and deepen self-awareness and explore oneself. 

Use of artistic mediums to enrich and deepen self-awareness, providing a process to enable participants to explore their self, and express their way of seeing and being in this world. Regular sessions to enable a range of mediums to be explored. 

What is the evidence?

The use of artistic mediums within a psychotherapeutic framework enriches and facilitates a deepened knowledge of the participant’s self and their way of seeing and being a part of the world around them. By promoting moments of expression and enhancing awareness, positive and meaningful life changes are possible. Art therapy has been shown to contribute to significant positive changes in mental health symptoms in populations with different clinical profiles and non-psychotic (i.e., anxiety, depression, etc.) mental health disorders. 

Uttley L., Scope, A., Stevenson, M., Rawdin, A., Taylor Buck, E., et al. (2015). A systematic review and economic modeling of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of art therapy among people with non-psychotic mental health disorders. Health Technology Assessment, 19(18), 1-120. doi: 10.1186/s12888-015-0528-4




Wednesdays 6 pm – 7 pm

Guided sessions to develop the skills to practice and benefit from mindfulness.

Mindfulness is sweeping the Western World, and for good reason. The practice involves focusing attention and being in the moment. Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years, with its physical and mental health benefits now widely publicized and backed by science. 
At its heart, mindfulness is a simple form of meditation, which can be practiced anywhere at any time! These sessions are guided mindfulness practices including a variety of techniques such as mindful breathing, mindful sensing, muscle mindfulness, mindful imagery, and mindfulness of space. 
What is the evidence?
Mindfulness brings about various positive psychological effects, including increased subjective wellbeing, reduced psychological symptoms, and emotional reactivity, and improved behavioral regulation.   
Keng, S. L., Smoski, M. J., & Robins, C. J. (2011). Effects of mindfulness on psychological health: A review of empirical studies. Clinical Psychology Review, 31, 1041-1056. doi: 10.1016/j.cpr.2011.04.006




Wednesdays 4 pm – 5 pm

Reconnect to yourself and others using music, psychology, and neurobiology. 

Drumbeat® is the world’s first structured learning program using music, psychology, and neurobiology to reconnect with ourselves and others. The name Drumbeat® is an acronym for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts. Learn, play and grow. 

What is the evidence? 

Drumbeat® contributes to positive mood, a sense of achievement, self-confidence, self-esteem, sense of belonging, cooperative behaviors, and positive relationships with peers, family, and community. 

Faulkner, S., Ivery, P., Wood, L., & Donovan, R. (2009). Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT program: Music as a tool for social learning and improved educational outcomes. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 39(1), 98-109. doi: 10.1375/S1326011100000958 




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An eight-week course to empower young people to manage anxiety and depression.

A specialized group for adolescents experiencing anxiety and depression based on the very popular and successful Self Help for Anxiety and Depression Education Sessions (SHADES) adult group therapy program. SHADES-Y was developed and successfully trialed using adolescents experiencing anxiety and depression.

The group runs over eight weeks and typically consists of between 6 and 10 participants. SHADES-Y combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) frameworks and interventions to help young people gain increased awareness of their anxiety and develop strategies to manage it. The progress of the participants is measured across eight weekly sessions and feedback is provided to each group member at the conclusion of the group.

Outcome measures of anxiety and depression of SHADES-Y have shown demonstrated benefits to participants.


Registrations closed.



Thursdays, 4 pm – 5 pm | Next group starting 29th July 2021

Closed groups that decrease social isolation, enhance self-esteem and building well-being for young people. 

The life skills for wellbeing group for youth is a closed group, semi-structured life skills group which aims to decrease social isolation, enhance self-esteem, and provide information and skills development around mental health.

Over eight sessions the following areas will be covered:

  • General mental health
  • Emotions
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving and goal setting
  • Relationships




Is your community in need of a new or different mental health or wellbeing service? We have a range of clinical and non-clinical professionals and individuals with lived experience on your team who are passionate about your and your community’s mental health and wellbeing and have considerable expertise in all areas of mental health. Get in touch and MyLocalMind Inc. can develop and deliver an event to meet your needs.